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Dixon Press Release. Parrott, 62, of Kimbolton in Guernsey County was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment followed by six months of home confinement for conspiracy and violating federal laws for interstate shipments of live deer that had not been tested for disease. Parrott Press Release. Douds Press Release. Anuszewski Press Release.

Villa-Guerra Press Release.

The Puzzle of Housing Aging Sex Offenders

Burns Press Release. McNamee, 55, of Springdale, alleging that he produced images and videos of child pornography and uploaded them on the Internet where they were viewed internationally. McNamee Press Release. Sippola, 37, of Columbus, was sentenced in United States District Court here today to 87 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography on November 24, Sippola Press Release.

Thompson Press Release.

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Salohutdinov Press Release. Jones Press Release. Williams Press Release. Dunbar, 48, of Fredericktown, charging him with six counts of distributing child pornography. Wilkerson Press Release. Townsend Press Release. Fox Press Release. Messer, 33, of Columbus, was sentenced in United States District Court here today to ten years in prison for possessing child pornography. Messer, who was convicted in Franklin County Common Pleas Court in of raping an year old girl, will also be placed under court supervision for five years after his release from prison and will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Messer Press Release. Clair, Michigan, in a count indictment alleging that they supplied military vehicle that did not meet specifications of the U. Department of Defense.

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O'Chadleus Press Release. Chew, 42, formerly of Waynesville, was convicted today by a federal jury following a day trial for his role in a mortgage fraud scheme involving 57 property investors and residential properties located throughout the greater Dayton area. Chew Press Release. Thurau Press Release. Satrum Press Release. Hart Press Release. Pappas Press Release. A federal grand jury here indicted Seawell, his brothers Duane and Mark Seawell, and 69 other individuals in , for running an operation which used couriers carrying drugs into the Columbus area hidden in the soles of tennis shoes.

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Seawell Press Release. One of the guards is also accused of having a sexual relationship with one of the inmates. Talbert House Press Release. Martell Press Release. District Court jury here convicted Lawrence E. Waldren, age 55, of Newark of making false statements in order to receive federal work injury compensation from May until September Waldren Press Release. Ryan Press Release. Baker,43, of Columbia Station, Ohio pleaded guilty in United States District Court here to one count of misprision of a felony for not reporting that he was paying a contracting officer with the U.

Postal Service to secure contracts for his company. Baker Press Release. Zobel Press Release. Schmidt Press Release. Tschiegg Press Release. Kelsor Press Release. Robbins Press Release. Southern District of Ohio. Charles C. Njoku, 60, of Powell, was sentenced in United States District Court to one year and one day in prison for billing government health care insurance programs for services that were not provided as billed.

Njoku Press Release. Bi Press Release. Pdf Columbus —Abdullah M. Muslim, aka Johnnie P. Clagg, 38, of Columbus was sentenced in United States District Court here to a total of months incarceration for illegally possessing firearms after having previously been convicted of three violent felonies, for possessing unregistered component parts to make pipe bombs, for making a false passport application, and aggravated identity theft.

Muslim Press Release. Pdf Cincinnati — A federal grand jury here indicted nine people alleging that they conspired to traffic more than 1, kilograms of marijuana between Arizona and Ohio, used the proceeds to buy real estate including more than parcels in and around Lima, Ohio, and ran a multistate shoplifting ring targeting numerous commercial supply stores in a number of states to get items to maintain the properties.

Pdf Washington, DC - Maria Terechina, a national of the Russian Federation, was sentenced today in United States District Court in Columbus, Ohio, for her role in a human trafficking conspiracy involving guestworkers who worked in hotels as housekeepers and laundry workers.

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  8. Terechina Press Release. Johnigan, 18, and Jakova K. James-Sims, 19, were charged with carjacking in a federal complaint filed today. Johnigan was also charged with assault on a federal officer for pointing a gun at an FBI agent as the agent tried to arrest them. Johnigan-James-Sims Press Release. Attorney Carter M. Stewart announced that the U.

    LangPress Release. After he serves his prison time, he will be required to remain under court supervision for 15 years during which he may not have contact with any minor child. Cagle Press Release. James Press Release. Burton, 49, of Lucasville pleaded guilty in United States District Court to conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and money laundering charges connected to a marijuana growing operation he oversaw in southern Ohio that reached into central Ohio and South Carolina.

    Pdf Columbus — A federal grand jury today charged Shane Roush, 38, and his wife Corrina Roush, 39, with growing more than 1, marijuana plants at their rural Fredericktown home.

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    Shane Roush was also charged with discharging a firearm in relation to a drug-trafficking crime. Roush Press Release. Environmental Protection Agency EPA today announced two settlements against landlords for failing to inform tenants that their homes may contain potentially dangerous lead. Nowicki, 58, pleaded guilty in United States District Court today to one count of possession of child pornography after investigators found that he used a computer at the Columbus hospital where he worked to subscribe to an illegal international child porn website that gave him access to thousands of images and videos of child pornography.

    Nowicki Press Release. Thomas Press Release. Pdf Dayton — A federal grand jury has indicted 11 Mexican nationals, charging each one with one count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in connection with the seizure of more than 2, marijuana plants being grown in rural areas of Muskingum and Logan counties. Mexican Press Release. Pdf Cincinnati — A jury in U. District Court found Bernard J. Kurlemann, 57, of Mason guilty of conspiracy and fraud. Pdf Dayton — Marc Norman Greenberg, 33, Centerville, was sentenced in United States District Court to 24 months in prison as punishment for possessing child pornography and transmitting obscene materials over the Internet.

    Carrillo Press Release.

    Mother Shields Brock Turner As He Registers As Sex Offender In Ohio - NBC News

    Pdf Dayton — A federal grand jury returned a count indictment charging Robert R. Sacco Press Release. Election Press Release. Breuer of the Criminal Division, U. Stewart for the Southern District of Ohio and U. Parrett Press Release. Pdf Columbus — William H.

    sex offender news ohio february 2008 Sex offender news ohio february 2008
    sex offender news ohio february 2008 Sex offender news ohio february 2008
    sex offender news ohio february 2008 Sex offender news ohio february 2008
    sex offender news ohio february 2008 Sex offender news ohio february 2008
    sex offender news ohio february 2008 Sex offender news ohio february 2008

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