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The Bible should be interpreted in the context of its literary style, culture, and history. Breaking up genealogies into male and female representations was acceptable in the ancient Near East culture since it was often impolite to speak of women without proper conditions being met: male presence, etc.

Therefore, one genealogy might be of Mary and the other of Joseph--even though both mention Joseph.

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In other words, the Mary genealogy was counted "in" Joseph and under his headship. I find it difficult to accept that those who collected the books of the New Testament, and who believed it was inerrant, were unaware of this blatant differentiation in genealogies. Even though we cannot ascertain at this time a precise explanation does not mean one isn't forthcoming.

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After all, archaeological discovers clear up Bible "difficulties" on a regular basis. But, back to our discussion. Notice that Luke starts with Mary and goes backwards to Adam. Matthew starts with Abraham and goes forward to Joseph.

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The intents of the genealogies were obviously different which is clearly seen in their styles. Luke was not written to the Jews, Matthew was. Therefore, Matthew would carry the legal line from Abraham through David and Luke the biological one from Adam through David. Also, notice that Luke's first three chapters mention Mary eleven times; hence, the genealogy from her. Fourth, notice Luke , "And when He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was about thirty years of age, being supposedly the son of Joseph, the son of Eli," This designation "supposedly" seems to signify the Marian genealogy since it seems to indicate that Jesus is not the biological son of Joseph.

Finally, in the Joseph genealogy is a man named Jeconiah. God cursed Jeconiah also called Coniah , stating that no descendant of his would ever sit on the throne of David, "For no man of his descendants will prosper sitting on the throne of David or ruling again in Judah," Jer. But Jesus, of course, will sit on the throne in the heavenly kingdom.

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The point is that Jesus is not a biological descendant of Jeconiah, but through the other lineage -- that of Mary. Hence, the prophetic curse upon Jeconiah stands inviolate.

Hidden Meaning : Genealogy of Genesis

But, the legal adoption of Jesus by Joseph reckoned the legal rights of Joseph to Jesus as a son, not the biological curse. This is why we need two genealogies: one of Mary the actually biological line according to prophecy , and the legal line through Joseph. LUKE - Adam, the father of Seth , the father of Enosh , the father of Cainan , the father of Mahaleleel , the father of Jared , the father of Enoch , the father of Methuselah , the father of Lamech , the father of Noah , the father of Shem , the father of Arphaxad , the father of Cainan , the father of Shelah , the father of Heber , the father of Peleg , the father of Reu , the father of Serug , the father of Nahor , the father of Terah , the father of.

This article is also available in: Indonesia. Why are there different genealogies for Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3? Richards, L. The teacher's commentary. Includes index. Wheaton, Ill. Willmington, H. Willmington's Bible handbook In such cases two lines in the same family can easily get out of sync with each other and have differing numbers of generations back to a common ancestor. Our youngest child is just 5 years older than our oldest grandchild — it is easy to see that a future uncle and nephew could both have children at about the same time, resulting in one branch of the family therefore having one less generation than another.

Over 50 generations this number can really diverge.

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Since there are no public records easily available for the final years to the present, we need to estimate the number of generations in some way. Over the same period, Matthew returns approximately 31 years. These allow a minimum of additional generations of 65 and a maximum of 86 in the last years. We could of course suggest an average generation length slightly different from these two limits, but on what criteria might we base this?

So you’re related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European…

Remember we are working with the average age for child birth. Social, political and environmental conditions have varied so much in the last two millennia, and all these affect lifespan and birth rates, so the above figures seem as reasonable as any for our purpose.

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  6. These make for a total number of generations from Adam to us as minimum , maximum , but as we are estimating we can allow further tolerance by rounding down and up to and respectively. We do however have access to one family record to shed further light on this question. What each one of us inherits without trying from our first and greatest-great-grandfather Adam are sin and death. We all have sinned because we are his natural descendants. Paul explained further in Rom. Who will deliver me from this body of death? Jesus showed His faith in His Father by doing His will in all things.

    Unlike our inheritance in Adam which is impossible to avoid, righteousness in Christ is provided in response to our request. Ask Him today. Matthew also omits three kings who may have been excluded from the official records because of the evils of their father, with Exodus being the passage usually quoted in this regard. Were you helped by this answer? If so, consider making a donation so we can keep adding more answers.

    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus
    find family tree from adam to jesus Find family tree from adam to jesus

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