How do you search people on youtube

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On YouTube, sign in as the owner of the Brand Account. Pattern Interrupts also applies to presentation and as you pointed out blog posts too! But over time, uploaded videos tend to do better mostly because you can edit them, add graphics etc. If you miss the mark on a video SEO, can you pull it down, tweak it and then re-upload it? Thanks Tonny. Over time you can start doing the detailed stuff.

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Brian, I know it is pretty important to keep people on youtube, but one thing that I have employed is even though i lead people OFF of youtube to join my mailing list, nearly every email in my autoresponder sends them BACK to youtube starting a new session. I think this is helpful and can balance out the negative effects, driving new viewers off of youtube, but bringing old viewers back over and over again.

Do you think constantly bringing people back like that helps counteract driving them off in the first place? Hey Chris, good question.

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There were two things about this case study that really surprised me. The first being that longer videos do better than shorter videos with viewers. While the custom ones look like the featured images you see a lot these days on YouTube channels and blog posts ie. I hear you about the thumbnails.

I also thought the default thumbnails looked good as well. Great post, Brian. This is the type of information I wish I had when I was starting out a year ago. So can the high search volume, low competition key words be used as my video tags?

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It seems to me that using similar tags as popular videos has only helped me get buried in the search results. To answer your question: it depends on how people find your type of music on YouTube. If they search for it, then you want to go with low competition keywords. But if most people find your content from Suggested Video, then you might want to optimize around competitive keywords that way, you show up next to other popular videos. Brian, thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge.

I have a small e-commerce start up and new to SEO however you have an exceptional talent and translating complex information into easy to understand and digest knowledge. Thank you. Thank you Brian. Like you said, this moves videos up in rankings. This works for pages on Google as well.

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Throw in power words to achieve that effect but, of course, make sure you follow through with what you promise — or even under promise and over-deliver if you want some shares. I found this absolutely amazing! Such useful tips. I do a few of them already but will definitely implement all of them. I spend so long creating videos that are engaging, different angles, broll etc. A couple hundred at best! Do you have any sort of youtube course or something, really looking to grow my channel. Hey Shimmy, happy to help. Yup, in some cases keywords are the problem. I do have a YT course. Great post!

Signed up for tube buddy because of this and can definitely see how that will help me pick better keywords etc. Thank you Brian! Need to try using this.

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Will be letting you know. One Query. Any idea about what works better as video content? Vlog types with no voice over. With voice over or when we are talking to the audience like a class? It depends. Great tutorial! I was struggling hard to know about youtube-SEO strategy. I am sure it will help us to get more views for my client. I shared this post instantly on my LinkedIn page. Thank You. This is awesome Brian. I am thinking about starting my channel soon and this been very helpful. Awesome stuff, Brian! Great post as always. I read this post word-by-word and amazed with the stats.

Youtube is the next big thing for marketers and would be the best channel to market any business. But that could only happen when you know how to do it right. Great insight, We are struggling with our videos and youtube channel too. Hard to get the right content for the right people. We try to tell people about their air passenger rights. Let me know how the strategies from this case study work out for you. Hi Brian, thanks so much for this case study! Thanks again.

This is great! Thank you so much!

Hi Brian: another great post, thanks! Could I ask you a question about YouTube tags? I use TubeBuddy to help me choose the best tags for my videos.

How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube
How do you search people on youtube

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