Key west florida marriage license

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Tips for Planning a Key West Elopement | At Home in Key West

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Keys’ marriage-license forms redone to allow for same sex

We also earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to other affiliate sites florida-keys-vacation. Expect to see a variety of banner, image, and text link ads throughout this site, in various places, as we try out different sizes, styles, formats, companies and programs, to determine which ones are a best fit for this site. A destination elopement in the Florida Keys is a great way to create a destination vibe within actually leaving the country.

Whether or not you should elope really depends on the couple. There are many reasons for choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. Others might find large crowds to be stressful and overwhelming, so they choose to get married in private.

Applying for Your Key West Marriage License

Your reason for eloping is unique to you, and there is no right or wrong way to get married. The choice is entirely up to you.

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Good news! There is no waiting period to get your marriage license if you are not a Florida resident, but if you do reside in the state, you will have a three-day wait. Like we said before, you can get your marriage license in any county in the state, but if you want to pay a visit to the actual Florida Keys courthouse, here is the address:. With all of that money that you will have saved, perhaps you can head out on a lavish, all-inclusive honeymoon after you seal the deal. So, dear readers, if your new wedding fantasy is to elope in the Florida Keys, head off to the beach and let your toes sink in the sand while you marry the love of your life.

And a huge congratulations from us at Zola! Hi Tammy, thanks for writing. Hopefully you can find a Florida Keys wedding planner perfect for your special day. Good luck! Looking to elope alone and everyone seems to want a party of 15 or more.

Wedding Requirements

We want it special but just us. Please send me information. Than you! Hello Tammy! We are a well established resort in Islamorada, Florida keys.

Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license
Key west florida marriage license

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