Public court records in new mexico

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New Mexico makes it extremely easy for the general public to obtain public records. By meeting all the requirements, you will be able to obtain the records you need.

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Understanding how the system of New Mexico state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily. To make your work easier, start searching for court records in New Mexico by simply going to courts by county. District Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all types of cases, but usually handle only those cases that other courts have no jurisdiction over. Criminal cases usually heard by these courts include some misdemeanors, lesser-included offenses, felonies, and preliminary hearings for all kinds of criminal cases.

They also handle juvenile delinquency, domestic relations, mental health, domestic violence, appeals of orders from administrative agencies, child protection, formal probate proceedings, conservatorship, guardianship, trusts, naturalization, and disputes over boundary or titles of real property. They share original jurisdiction over all types of informal probate matters with Probate Courts.

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They hear all types of formal probate cases. They also share jurisdiction with Metropolitan Courts and Magistrate Courts over most misdemeanor criminal cases. District Courts also share jurisdiction with Probate Courts where a Probate Court has the authority to handle misdemeanor criminal cases.

New Mexico Counties of a particular size are required to set up Metropolitan Courts with exclusive jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases. Metropolitan Courts cannot handle certain types of cases, such as domestic relations, guardianships, disputes over boundary or title of real property, and certain types of civil cases.

New Mexico Court Records - A Guide to Courthouse Research

These courts share jurisdiction with District Courts over most misdemeanor Criminal cases and preliminary hearings. Metropolitan Courts may also handle contested cases that involve violations of parking. These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over certain types of criminal and civil cases.

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Criminal cases generally heard by these courts include county ordinance violations, petty misdemeanors, most misdemeanors, and all criminal cases. Magistrate Courts cannot hear certain types of cases, including slander, libel, malicious prosecution, domestic relations, dependency, adoption, request for injunctive relief, land titles, and guardianships. These courts have exclusive jurisdiction to handle informal estate and informal probate matters.

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District Courts hear contested estate and probate matters. Essential services provided by Public Safety will continue as usual.

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The public is now able to search Santa Fe County Probate Court case docket information from through present. Scheduled appointments are recommended. Please note that the New Mexico legislature has amended certain aspects of New Mexico probate law effective July 1, The New Mexico Supreme Court forms have not yet been updated to reflect these changes.

Your probate case filed on or after July 1, will, however, be subject to the revised requirements. You may not close the estate earlier than six months after the date of your appointment as personal representative. If you have questions about how these changes affect your probate case, I encourage you to seek advice from an attorney.

public court records in new mexico Public court records in new mexico
public court records in new mexico Public court records in new mexico
public court records in new mexico Public court records in new mexico
public court records in new mexico Public court records in new mexico
public court records in new mexico Public court records in new mexico

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