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Getting a divorce in Washington State: How do we make the process easier?

The divorcing couple must calculate the appropriate child support on these worksheets. This six-page form, which may be completed by both spouses, declares the income and expenses on a monthly basis. This form comes into play in divorce negotiations. X Close Washington Info. Encyclopedia Checklists Tools Downloads Bookstore.

Start Your Divorce. Washington Info. This is a list of the most commonly filed divorce forms for the state of Washington. Following the list is a brief summary of each form and its purpose. This list of forms is not exhaustive and not all forms listed are required for every divorce. Due to unique case situations and special divorce filing procedures in Washington , certain forms may or may not be required by the Washington courts. Forms List. The filing spouse must be a resident of Washington on the date that the petition for divorce is filed in the divorce court. Start Your Divorce Today Explore your options.

Washington State Divorce

The information contained on this page is not to be considered legal advice. The step-by-step process of preparing divorce documents at Onlinedivorce. We help prepare all of the necessary divorce forms and provide detailed written instructions on how to file your divorce in Washington.

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  • Divorce in Washington D.C. Factsheet.

Our divorce documents preparation service can be a perfect solution for those who want to have their divorce papers completed quickly and stress-free. Even though Washington has unique divorce forms and filing requirements, our online system can provide you with exactly what you need and provide instructions on how to file. We have helped thousands of people prepare their divorce documents for filing. If you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce and want an amicable dissolution to your marriage, why should the process get drawn out and why should you spend money on lawyers?

Online divorce is often cheaper, quicker and easier. Online divorce is the perfect option if you want to save money or if you hope to have your divorce quickly finalized so you can get on with your life.

Preparing documents for divorce online in Washington is quickly becoming very popular because you can complete the documents in the comfort of your home. Even if you think your case is too complex because you have children, own your own home or have other assets, you may still be able to prepare your documents online. We protect your information and nothing is filed until you submit the divorce papers to the courthouse yourself. Filing for divorce in Washington with the Onlinedivorce.

When you use OnlineDivorce. You can fill it out alone or with the assistance of your spouse. Then, you will need to get a signature from your spouse and you can file the divorce forms with your local court. In Washington, you will typically file with the courthouse in the county in which you currently reside. If a petitioner is not currently a resident, but a defendant is, divorce is typically filed in the county where the defendant resides. The actual filing process is explained in our detailed court-filing instructions that we provide along with your completed divorce forms.

You can also obtain assistance from your local courthouse by calling or stopping by. After the initial filing, you may need to follow up if there are any issues with your documents.

Washington No-Fault Divorce (No Children) - Legal Forms

Our goal is to help you obtain your divorce with as little hassle and stress as possible using our online divorce documents preparation service. Every state has specific requirements where divorcing couples must establish residency within the state they are divorcing. Washington is no exception. To file for divorce in Washington, one or the other spouse must live in the state with proven residency. There is not a time limit for having lived in the state. There are many ways to prove that residency has been established. If this is not the case, it may be possible to establish residency, by having someone who knows you or your spouse testify that you have lived in the state for at least six months.

A look at the uncontested divorce process in Washington.

Grounds for an online divorce using OnlineDivorce. Grounds are merely the reason for divorce, and the state must approve them. To file for divorce in the State of Washington, this grounds must be established. Both parties are involved in establishing and agreeing to these grounds, and both must substantiate this unless the divorcing spouse attempts to prove otherwise to the court. In the State of Washington, the court wants to create a custody situation that is comfortable for the children and both parents.

In most cases, joint legal custody and some form of shared physical custody will fulfill this need. If the family situation is not stable and the child may be harmed mentally, physically or emotionally by a shared custody plan, the court will decide this direction.

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In these cases visitation supervised or otherwise may be deemed a better option to keep the child in contact with the non-supervisory parent. In some cases, custody can be set up as a short-term solution to be revisited at a later date if the family or living situation is expected to change dramatically. Any type of custody will be determined based on the best interests of the child. Every petition for divorce in which a minor child or children is involved must have a proposed parenting plan attached. The parents can come to an agreement regarding a parenting plan on their own if desired.

The parenting plan should contain sections addressing:. The court can require an investigation as concerns parenting arrangements for the child according to Revised Code of Washington Annotated; Title 26, Chapters Either parent may be required to pay child support in the State of Washington.

Marital misconduct is not considered as a factor when determining the payout of child support. All other relevant factors can be considered. For up-to-date information, official child support worksheets are available for free from the Washington Department of Social and Health Services and may be obtained from the clerk of the court. These official guidelines will be presumed as correct unless the amount is proven to be unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances of a case.

Wage assignments may be required in past due cases. The court can sometimes require a parent to pay for health insurance coverage for the child as part of the support. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is sometimes ordered by the court to help one spouse live in a manner established during marriage after the divorce. Assistance may be decided upon by the couple together before filing or may be awarded by the court in a contested case.

Many factors are considered in the awarding of spousal support a few of these are:. In Washington, marital misconduct of the spouses is sometimes considered and compared to put together a support package. Additionally, the court may require that health and hospitalization insurance coverage be provided to the supported spouse as part of the as alimony. When a couple chooses to divorce in Washington, they must distribute property in a fair and agreeable manner. This property is divided just like community property. The court divides the community property, equally or equitably, after considering the following:.

Marital misconduct is not considered in Washington when distributing property. Why us? Review the OnlineDivorce. Mediation may be available through the Washington court for spouses who require assistance with developing an agreed-upon plan. In cases involving minor children, it may be recommended by the court. For those seeking to prepare their divorce papers using OnlineDivorce.

A dissolution of marriage is only an option if you are actually married. For domestic partnerships you will need to fill out a different set of paperwork. Determine if your situation is ideal for do-it-yourself — The law allows you to dissolve your marriage without the assistance of a divorce lawyer. This is true whether you have children or not. However, marriages that involve substantial assets or property, marriages where child custody issues will be problematic or marriages where divorce will involve serious disagreements — all of these may warrant the assistance of a divorce attorney.

State Divorce Forms

If both you and your spouse are in relative agreement about your separation, your property division and what is best for your children, a do-it-yourself divorce may be ideal. There may be a number of different forms that you need to complete along with the Petition, including forms specific to your county.

At CompleteCase we will direct you to the necessary forms for your circumstances. Make copies — Even with simple do-it-yourself divorces there is still a lot of paperwork, all of which is important to the process. You want to make copies of every form you fill out and sign so you can reference them later or produce them if the court or an attorney needs to see them.

Washington State Court Forms

Make copies and keep them in a safe place. File the forms with your county clerk — It is highly advisable for you to file for your do-it-yourself divorce in either the county where you live or where your spouse lives.

free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington
free divorce papers in washington Free divorce papers in washington

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