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A census took a "snapshot" of a family on a certain day.

For each person living in a household you might find depending on the year their name, age, birthplace, relationship to head of household, place of birth for father and mother, citizenship status, year of immigration, mother of how many children and number of children living, native language, and whether they were a veteran of the military. To learn more about census records, including search strategies, see United States Census Records for Beginners. Look at the samples of census records below. You should find your family members in every possible census, using these convenient links:.

By studying the census records, and assuming that most people lived to be years old, you can decide the time frame where you would expect to see a death certificate. It is very important to send for death certificates.

Death Records in Butler County MO

Even though you might feel that knowing a death date is not high priority, the death certificate is important because of all the secondary data: birth date and place of the deceased, maiden name of the wife, names of the deceased's parents, birth places of the deceased's parents. These are index entries.

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That means for each of them an actual, original, full certificate exists. It is highly advisable to order the original certificate. It will contain many details not given in the index. In some cases, the image of the original is found online. Instructions are given below on obtaining the original certificate in other cases. Fonville, born in He names his father as Lon Fonville. Then we find the death certificate for his father, Alonzo Fonville, born in , with a wife, Mary. He names his father as William Fonville with his mother, Mary Pritty , whose death certificate we find next.

And then he names his father as Thomas Fonville with a wife Miss Murphy. Now, we want to try to find important birth records for the various people represented in these census records. One main purpose for locating records for is to establish the identity of the wives--their maiden names. In some cases, particularly more recent records, the names of the parents of the bride and groom are given. Here we find that Alonzo T. Fonville, Sr, was married to Mary Boyd. So we find Mary's name, which was not listed on her son's death certificate.

States, counties, or even towns in some states recorded births, marriages, and deaths.

Butler County, MO Vital Records

You have probably seen these types of certificates and have your own. In addition to the child's name, birth date, and place of birth, a birth certificate may give the birthplaces of the parents, their ages, and occupations.

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A death certificate may give the person's birth date and place, parents' names and birthplaces, and spouse's name. Remember that for family members born after you do not have census records to rely on. The information from interviewing family members will hopefully give you enough detail that you know approximate years of birth, marriage, or death. Sending for certificates will help verify identities, prove relationships, and fill in greater detail.

For example, we are now able to locate the parents of our original Alonzo T.

Fonville in the and census, even though he is not listed in their home probably by error in , as he would only have been 9 or We are also able to locate the grandfather of the family, William T. Fonville, and follow him through all the different census records:. Many Missouri state or county birth, death, and marriage certificates and vital records indexes are available on microfilm through the Family History Library. These may be searched at a family history center near you. Most notably, you will find:.

From the date of the formation of a county until the establishment of state civil registration, birth and marriage records were kept by the County Clerk. They may have been microfilmed, or you can write for them. It is appropriate to write asking for either a single record or for a list of all the marriages for a given surname. This Letter Writing Guide will help you with phrasing a letter. This online directory by Genealogy Inc.

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Click on the map to select a county, then scroll down to the "Courthouse and Government Records" to find the address and phone number. If you are at the main Family History Library, check first to see if microfilms of the county vital records are available. In the search field of the FamilySearch Catalog , enter the state and county.

Then click on the "Vital Records" subject. The cost of renting the microfilms at a Family History Center probably makes it less expensive to just write to the County Clerk. Even if you find an online indexed entry for a birth, marriage, or death, almost always the full original certificate will contain a wealth of information not contained in the index. A death certificate will usually give the names and birth places of the parents of the deceased. A marriage certificate frequently asks for the parents names of the bride and groom. A birth certificate frequently asks for the birthplace, occupation, residence, and age of the parents.

Although it costs money, consider sending for the full original certificates at least of your direct line ancestors grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. The U. Social Security program began in but most deaths recorded in the index happened after The index entries give the person's full birth date, last known residence, and residence at the time they first enrolled. Women are listed under their married name at the time of their death. Also at Ancestry. Unless the deceased would be at least 75 years old today, the parents' names are not published.

You will not find everybody who is listed in the SSDI, as criteria for inclusion differs. If you can prove the individual has died by sending an obituary or copy of their cemetery headstone , the application will also give the deceased's parents' names, if listed.

NOTE: Each database covers different cemeteries, although some may overlap. Don't be discouraged if you do not locate your individual in the first database. Civil War.

Butler County, MO Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Collections and Resources Divided Loyalties Exhibit. Browse Collections. Educational Resources. Quick Links. Missouri Death Certificates, - The Missouri Death Certificate database can be searched by first, middle and last name, county, year and month. Without a subscription you can view indexes. If there is an image associated with a record, in most cases you will need a subscription, but the index does include very usable information. A, : Register of Deaths, vol. Francois County Marriage Indexes St. Louis County Marriages St.

butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index
butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index
butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index
butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index
butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index
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butler county mo death index Butler county mo death index

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