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Eagles Health Initiative is an organization of Oklahoma Christian University students who are called by Christian faith to educate and serve the community in the areas of health and wellness. EHI focuses on three pillars of health: mental, physical and spiritual. EHI hosts events for members that allow them to work on these pillars of health. Not only do events focus on improving the health of the members, but EHI also works on improving these pillars of health at OC and in the community. TOTO seeks to improve mental health, lower stress and anxiety, and provide emotional support for OC students by providing regular and frequent access to trained therapy dogs.

Your health information is confidential and unique to you. So, it is important for you to learn more about your information and its relationship with the UCC. Home Student Life Health and Wellness. Emergency Number. I contacted several OC alumni, all of whom are in or have completed graduate including medical or law school. All agreed that your edits are POV. And I suppose you could be considered an expert on the university, just like I could be considered an expert on yo mama. Wipe the sweat of your brow, and stop looking for the tag for personal attacks. I love the irony.

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First, pages that have been deleted are removed from your list of contributions, thus destroying the evidence. Second, I never said all of your votes to delete stemmed from morality issues, so your attempt to satirize my argument is useless and pathetic. If you could explain this undue disdain for the spirit of editing at Wikipedia, it would be helpful. Any time there is a suggested method of handling problems or a guideline that is not an explicit Wikipedia policy, to this point you have chosen to completely ignore it.

What makes the OC article better - completely deleting all comments from a vandal or retaining any information the vandalism might have contained that would be appropriate? I have looked. You are not assuming good faith.

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Looks like another OC student is speaking poorly of OC on the web. Better revert his blog. As a final note, you should also consider whether Wikipedia is intended to be elitist. I seriously doubt that it is. I make edits on Wikipedia from time to time from numerous IP addresses depending on where I am at. Most of this edits have only been a sentence or two though I have written over a dozen articles. I use Wikipedia for very basic research or for learning some trivia when I can, and I make edits whenever I see a place where I can add something.

To this point, I have been able to make all of these edits without anyone worrying about the nuisances regarding the rules and my edits. Users like you attempting to browbeat others with the rulebook discourage others from using Wikipedia and from making legitimate edits. Okay, I cleaned some stuff up, and added a little sourced bit at the end about Christianity and evolution and fixed an error that I myself inserted. I have now twice reverted edits made to this article, since they seem to be unencyclopaedic, and they fail to adhere to Wikipedia's policy of NPOV.

Content such as " It's really a suck ass policy " and " men caught entering into the women's dorms are often tortured by OC security " lead me to believe that this information if also factually incorrect. Entering such sensational information would require a reference to be cited, at least, and without such it could be construed as vandalism.

Please cite your source for "OC ranks poorly compared to other colleges in the state in these categories. All of the above looks legit- why not put a summary of it in? Sethie , 5 December UTC. The second source upholds the controversial paragraph. The US News and Reports ranking of OC are not the ranking of its graduation, retention, or transfer rates, though they may play some limited role in determining that overall ranking. So again, this source does not change the merits of the statement that OC ranks poorly in retaining and graduating students.

Graduation and retention rates are only a small part of the ranking, and the category that OC is in does not include all the schools in Oklahoma. And then the last source is so vague it can be in no way construed as having any real connection to the Wikipedia paragraph. Knock if off!

Look at this weak crap. Blah, blah, blah — the usual Dan crap. Rd talk , 5 December UTC. I think that the user who is arguing with Dan is correct. I've been keeping an eye on the situation with the Oklahoma Christian page and I can't say that Dan is making any sense at all. Most of his arguments actually support the idea that OC has worse numbers than other schools in the state.

Joshua Nichols, LMFT, CSAT | Joshua Nichols

The US News and World Report - a favorite of the OC administration - is not a valid source for this discussion since, as was previously pointed out, it does not rank institutions specific to this discussion. The comment made was that OC ranks poorly with respect to other institutions in the state.

None of what Dan has said negates that. As a matter of fact, his own citation of OC's I truly can't figure out what Lovejoy's point is. OC lacks in some areas - can that not be a part of this encylopedic entry, or are we to assume that an encyclopedia like Wikipedia is only a forum for positive review?

Master of Science in Counseling, Marital, Couples, and Family Counseling/Therapy

The facts here have not been contested. The facts need to be allowed since they are, in fact, factual. Additionally, Dan, your demeanor and tone needs a serious adjustment. You come across poorly. You seem snide, rude, and condescending in your posts. I suggest that you find a way to approach these discussions in a more polite, Christian manner. Moreover, I understand that your paid position at Oklahoma Christian University is to direct all internet advertising and marketing, but that does not give you the right to delete all negative input from Wikipedia.

If someone did that on the OC webpage, which you maintain, you would have every right to do that. However, wikipedia is not YOUR property. It is OUR property. If we feel that something significant should be added to the page and it is factual, you need to come up with a valid reason for deleting it.

Yes, your job is to produce a positive image of OC on the internet. However, Wikipedia is not a place for advertisement.

Joshua Nichols, LMFT, CSAT

Finally, I'd like to say that I also feel like this page should be removed from Wikipedia in its entirety. This has turned into more of a hassle for the Wikipedia community than it is worth. It is obvious that at this point, vandals are posting on here for the specific reason of irritating Dan and Ichabod. As immature as that may be, it is obviously what is happening. They haven't stopped in about 4 weeks and I see no end in sight.

OC hasn't made it in any other encyclopedia that I am aware of.

Your Faith. Your Future.

Why not delete the page? It is poorly written and contains little useful information to start with. The OC page has turned into a joke. Let's stop giving the vandals the satisfaction of irritating the community. In conclusion, I am all for deleting the page in its entirety. If it is not going to be deleted, I feel that the negative comment regarding retention rates MUST be allowed.

It is factual even by Dan's inadvertant admission and every bit as pertainent to a potential student as knowing who donated the land for the school.

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