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The first big red flag is a deal that is too good to be true. When the seller is willing to sell the ATV for a much lower price than it is worth, that is an almost sure sign there is something wrong with the ATV. While it is true there may be some valid reasons for an eager seller, you will need to dig into those and determine whether you believe them. We discuss some tips for getting to know the seller later in the article to help determine if the risk is worth it. Luckily, we have a guide for every state you can reference. In some states where a title should be available, the ATVs are sold new with a certificate of origin instead of a title.

That means that at the time of purchase, it is up to the owner to get a title from the DMV. The owner might not bother spending the time or money getting a title because it might not be a legal requirement. Fortunately, in one of these legitimate circumstances where a title is not available from the seller, it is usually fairly easy to get a title transferred into your name. It is even a better idea in this situation to require the seller to get a title in their name before selling it to you.

This may be a deal breaker for them, but it alleviates much of your risk. It is not a risk I am willing to take regardless of how good of a story the seller can spin, but the risk you are willing to take is up to you. If you are willing to proceed with the sale, you can alleviate some of the risk by following the tips in this article.

A good thief may have gotten away with stealing both the ATV and the title.

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Check to make sure the name of the seller matches the name on the title. While the seller may have many excuses for having not put the title in their name, or they may claim to be selling it for a friend, that is not a risk I am willing to take when shelling out thousands of dollars. Insist that you meet the person on the title, in person, and that they sign the bill of sale.

Alternatively, insist the seller get the title transferred to their name before they sell the ATV to you. While a wary seller may be nervous about letting a stranger know where they live, it is a huge red flag if a seller insists on bringing the ATV to your location or meeting in a public place away from their home or business. Wherever you are meeting, we recommend taking a friend along with you. It is easy to get caught up in examining the condition of an ATV and being excited about the prospect of buying a new ATV.

Hopefully a friend will alert you of any red flags you miss. Get all the information you can from the seller about their identity and the history of the ATV.

This is especially important if there are red flags with the situation. There may be a good reason for the red flag so you need to figure out the explanation and then decide whether you believe it. There are some good reasons people are eager to sell an ATV and willing to sacrifice the price. Two common occurrences are divorce and loss of employment. While these can be valid reasons, they may not be true. You may be stuck determining how much you believe the seller and how much you are willing to risk, but there are also additional steps you may be able to take.

For example, check the local court docket to see if there actually is a divorce procedure pending. A scam artist is going to be a smooth talker and have answers for all the expected questions. If you want to learn if he or she is telling the truth, throw a few curve balls and see if they can handle it.

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For example, if they say they have to sell the ATV due to a divorce, ask them if they are also moving to a new house. This is a logical question when dealing with a divorce, but it is likely something they would not be expecting. Another great follow-up question is asking who their divorce attorney is.

Who is it? If someone has had their ATV stolen, they have likely reached out to the community and online resources to enlist help.

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Learn about the ATV you are looking at so you know what you are asking about. Ask some questions only the owner would know. For example, ask how long that set of tires has been on it, ask what kind of battery it had check out our article on different types of ATV batteries so you know how to confirm , ask about any aftermarket parts you see, ask about general routine maintenance that has been done check out our article on braking tips for types of maintenance you can ask about.

First, you can check with the local police. Second, there are a handful of websites that will check the relevant databases for you. I recommend you take advantage of both options. Something you need to be aware of is how you go about getting permission to check the VIN number.

Explain to the seller what you are doing and why. Educate them on the issue and the resources available if they are not aware.

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If a seller is wary of you running the VIN, run for the hills. The seller may have good reason for not showing you the VIN, such as a winch that has to be removed to view the VIN, but do not let that stop you from checking the VIN no matter what they say. If they are not willing to do what it takes so you can check the VIN, walk away. It is not worth the risk. This is going to depend somewhat on your location, but you may be able to just call into your local police department and have them check the VIN and they will tell you whether the ATV has been reported stolen.

Of course, if it comes up stolen, they impound it.

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This will make it difficult, but if a seller is cooperative and willing to take it down to the station, that should ease most of your fears. Luckily for us, there are a number of websites and services that will check the stolen vehicle databases to determine if the ATV you are looking at has been stolen. Since some of these services are different, it may be worth checking a couple of the websites just to be safe. National Insurance Crime Bureau. NICB is probably your best bet because this is the service used by insurance companies and police departments to report stolen vehicles.

NICB offers a free service to the public to assist in determining if an ATV, or any other vehicle, has been stolen, but not recovered. This is important because a salvaged ATV, in addition to potentially having unknown damage, can never be registered for highway use in most states. Be aware, you are limited to five VIN checks per day. While you can search for the VIN, this website is also helpful because the owner can list descriptions and photographs of the ATV.

The owner may also post a reward so you could get lucky.

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Stolen Register is a database of stolen property. You can also search by incomplete information if that is all you have, or you can search pictures on their database. Everyone knows what carfax is by now.

free atv vin number check Free atv vin number check
free atv vin number check Free atv vin number check
free atv vin number check Free atv vin number check
free atv vin number check Free atv vin number check
free atv vin number check Free atv vin number check

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