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Certified Dangerous: Used Cars' Airbags

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Toyota will replace them again with "an improved one produced by non-Takata suppliers. Owners will be notified in January. The issue involves defective inflator and propellent devices that may deploy improperly in the event of a crash, shooting metal fragments into vehicle occupants. Approximately 42 million vehicles are potentially affected in the United States, and at least 7 million have been recalled worldwide.

Initially, only six makes were involved when Takata announced the fault in April , but a Toyota recall in June this year—along with new admissions from Takata that it had little clue as to which cars used its defective inflators, or even what the root cause was—prompted more automakers to issue identical recalls. Virgin Islands to gather removed parts and send them to Takata for review.

Another major recall issued on October 20 expanded the affected vehicles across several brands. While Toyota says there have been no related injuries or deaths involving its vehicles, a New York Times report in September found a total of at least reported injuries across all automakers. According to the Times , Honda and Takata allegedly have known about the faulty inflators since but failed to notify NHTSA in previous recall filings which began in that the affected airbags had actually ruptured or were linked to injuries and deaths.

Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles

Takata first said that propellant chemicals were mishandled and improperly stored during assembly, which supposedly caused the metal airbag inflators to burst open due to excessive pressure inside. In July, the company blamed humid weather and spurred additional recalls. According to documents reviewed by Reuters , Takata says that rust, bad welds, and even chewing gum dropped into at least one inflator are also at fault. The results confirmed major issues with the inflators, and engineers quickly began researching a solution.

But instead of notifying federal safety regulators and moving forward with fixes, Takata executives ordered its engineers to destroy the data and dispose of the physical evidence. This occurred a full four years before Takata publicly acknowledged the problem. Senators have now called for the Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation on this matter. They are trying to switch things around. NHTSA was accused of not responding quickly enough to the Takata airbag situation, and automakers also took heat for being slow with fixes.

Also, officials in Japan are calling for a recall expansion, after an airbag from an unspecified car not covered by previous recalls ruptured in testing. House of Representatives subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade. Such a large-scale recall, many say, would squeeze the limited supply of replacement parts in the most at-risk read: humid regions of the country.

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Virgin Islands. Read more on this development in this story. Rangers are part of a separate action. Mazda also expanded its recall to be nationwide for — Mazda 6 and RX-8 vehicles, upping its total of affected cars by about , Also, Chrysler recently added roughly , vehicles from the — model years to its regional recall, which now includes the previously unaffected areas of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, American Samoa, Guam, and Saipan.

The company reports only one related injury. Also, Takata president Stefan Stocker has stepped down from the presidency of Takata, and top company executives have agreed to take significant pay cuts.

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Former U. Skinner will lead the panel.

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By September, according to Automotive News , Takata will be able to make , replacement units per month. Meanwhile, reports of people being seriously injured by these defective airbags continue to arise. See one of the ads and read more in our story. Our list below has been updated. Just 12 percent of all cars recalled for faulty Takata airbags in the U. In Japan, conversely, a full 70 percent of the 3 million cars under recall have been repaired. Owners will be notified via FedEx. The recall affects nearly 1 million vehicles in North America.

The RAV4 has been added to our comprehensive list below.

In a news conference today, U. That changes today. House of Representatives will hold a hearing to follow up on the status of this ongoing situation. No excuses. The most recent Congressional hearing took place in December.

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Affected model years are from through , which marks the first time that Hondas have been included in this huge airbag recall. Honda soon will announce additional airbag recalls for the United States, which will be part of the massive recall expansion announced last week. The Chrysler expansion details approximately 1.

Accordingly, the following have been added to our list below: — Chrysler , — Dodge Charger, — Dodge Dakota, — Dodge Magnum no Magnums were previously recalled for this problem , Ram and , — Ram and , and — Mitsubishi Raider. The — Mustang and the Ranger are new additions to the list. We should know a lot more later today. He encourages consumers to frequently visit safercar. Rosekind is calling for carmakers to be more diligent in tracking down vehicles that have passed through multiple owners over the years so that the current owner gets recall notices as quickly as possible.

Rosekind also points out that the suspect Takata airbag inflator has 10 different configurations , which complicates discernment of the root cause. He admits, though, that all of the defective airbags discovered in testing have used this type of propellant; Takata is, Kennedy says, transitioning to using guanidine nitrate, a propellant that other airbag suppliers already use.

He also claims that his company shipped , replacement kits in May, in addition to supplying loads of airbags for new-car production. New to the list are the Mazda 6 and the B-series pickup; additional Mazdas from previously noted model years in the rundown below, including the RX-8 and the Mazdaspeed 6, are part of this expanded recall. She died on April 9. Her death, if it was indeed caused by the airbag, would become the seventh attributed to a failed Takata airbag.

The other six fatalities have all occurred in Honda vehicles, and only one crash happened outside of the United States. That figure was for inflators, not vehicles, although few cars seem to be afflicted with multiple defective airbags. Reuters reports that the number is probably more like The figures in our chart below, as it appears today, add up to The new recall is for passenger-side airbags on — Accord and — Civic models—two vehicles with the highest defect rates uncovered in Takata tests. Dodge-branded Sprinters from — are included, as are Freightliner-badged Sprinters from — Vans in both and capacities are being recalled.

All of these particular vehicles are being called in for their passenger-side airbags. Takata recalls now cover some 2. The 11 carmakers involved have identified every vehicle identification number VIN covered by the recall. The Vibes in this action, from the — model years, are being recalled for their passenger-side airbags.

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The and model years previously had not been affected. The woman who died was involved in a crash last August in Los Angeles; she was driving a rented Civic. Those figures may still not be entirely accurate, however. Takata has been supplying the industry at large with a major portion of the required replacement airbags thus far. FCA senior vice president Scott Kunselman said during the hearing that his company would only use replacement airbags from TRW and is confident that customers will not need to return for subsequent repairs.

Following up on news that we first covered on June 12, Honda has restated its operating profit for last year after taking into account costs associated with repairing vehicles fitted with potentially defective Takata-supplied airbags. Read our analysis here. None of this newest batch were sold in North America; more than one-third are in Japan. This latest recall expands upon a mid-May recall of 4.

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